May 26, 2015 | Holiday Inn Tanglewood | At 6:30 p.m.

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Healthy Digestion is your Key to Well Being


bruce_topping_headshot Bruce Topping has been involved in the alternative medical community his entire life by managing health food stores, speaking for support groups, conducting seminars for Weston A. Price chapters and being an activist for small and local agriculture. He is a consummate student of natural medicine in all its forms with a passion for helping people understand the controversies of diet and nutritional science. Based on his wealth of knowledge, Bruce is a highly sought after national speaker for Garden of Life, and he is our Probiotics and Enzymes expert. He is currently authoring a book on digestive health and is a popular guest on several radio shows.

The staff at Nature’s Outlet is excited to announce a return visit by Bruce Topping, National Eduator at Garden of Life and one of the world’s foremost experts on probiotic science and the massive impact that digestion has on our overall health and well-being.

Science has recently uncovered significant and fascinating connections linking probiotics to a wide range of positive influences on health….reaching far beyond digestion. Learn as Bruce teaches us the about the latest groundbreaking science demonstrating how probiotics and gut health impact obesity, mood, immunity, cognitive function, and other aspects of health you would not expect in a seminar/presentation on digestion.

• Hear about the recent scientific findings that link your gut MICROBIOME to mood and cognitive function.

• Listen to groundbreaking research on PROBIOTICS and how they affect more than just digestion.

• Discover the impact of digestive ENZYMES

Bruce will share his insights on why we are having an explosion of digestive maladies and the negative health spiral that results from this “gut dysbiosis”. He will give you holistic strategies that are remarkably effective and simple to incorporate into a hectic lifestyle so that you can rebuild your gut and change your life!