Upcoming FREE Educational Event: The Product Beyond Collagen that Outperforms Topical Beauty Regimens!

Nature’s Outlet is all about education both for ourselves and our community so we’re very excited to announce that Richard Passwater, the national educator with BioSil, will be in Roanoke on Tuesday, March 26, at 7pm at Hidden Valley Country Club AND in Lynchburg on Wednesday, March 27, at 7pm at the Acorn Hill Lodge!

It’s Christie Brinkley’s beauty secret- BioSil has been one of our best-selling hair, skin, and nail products for many years. It boasts amazing clinical studies and has developed a loyal following with great customer feedback on collagen production not only for beauty, but also joints and bones!

Space is limited, so RSVP quickly at 540-989-5109 for the Roanoke event and 434-215-3102 for the Lynchburg event!