We can’t take any chances with our immune system right now. It’s best to find a product that covers all your bases and Tri-Immune is an expertly fomulated product that does just that.

Nature’s Plus Tri-Immune Combines 3 Herbs plus Vitamin C and Zinc for Powerful Immune System Support:

  • Andrographis– modulates the inflammation and moisture in the lungs and mucus membranes so the germs can’t spread as easily.
  • Olive Leaf– contains compounds that target infected cells whether it’s from a virus or bacteria, enter them, and shut the infected cell off.
  • Arabinogalactan– stimulates the production of white blood cells (including Killer T-cells.)

Tri-Immune also contains the powerful immune boosting nutritents Vitamin C and Zinc to ensure your immune system is in tip-top shape!