Q: I HATE allergy season. The sinus and respiratory irritation is exhausting and annoying. I don’t want to be drained and miserable this year, what can I do??

A: I suggest adding Irwin Naturals Aller-Pure to your supplement program during allergy season. Aller-Pure supports your body’s allergy battle three different ways. Upper respiratory support is achIRW-57282-1ieved with Vitamin C, Manganese, and addition mucous membrane support comes from the herbs Lemon Balm and Holy Basil. Stable immune response comes from generous amounts of Quercetin, which dampens the histamine response, naturally. Finally, a potent enzyme blend supports sinus function and breaks down allergens. The one two punch of a nasal rinse and with Aller-Pure softgels will definitely protect and soothe your sinus and respiratory systems during allergy season.


Rob Rea
Nutrition and Food Science Manager
rob rea