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Blood Pressure Take Care™ combines four ingredients: Grape seed extract, Maitake mushroom, Holy Basil, and Black Currant. These ingredients work together synergistically to support cardiovascular health safely and naturally.

Blood Pressure Take Care’s patented Grape Seed extract contains potent antioxidants which stimulate nitric oxide synthase (NOS) production. Nitric oxide plays an important role in relaxing and protecting blood vessels, and high blood pressure and high cholesterol are associated with low nitric oxide levels.

The formula’s Maitake mushroom contains important antioxidants and has been shown to support metabolic function.

Stress can also affect blood pressure levels and the Holy Basil in Blood Pressure Take Care is a soothing and calming adaptogen herb which helps lower the stress hormone cortisol.

Finally, Black Currant provides a rich source of proanthocyanins, antioxidants, and a natural source of vitamin C which supports capillary health. It also improves endothelial function, which when damaged, can be an indicator of hypertension.

Blood Pressure Take Care has been clinically shown to support important aspects of cardiovascular health and would be a safe and natural option for anyone looking to protect their heart. Those using the product have reported back enthusiastically about their results, feel better and have more energy!

We must take steps to maintain bone health due to various circumstances including menopause which causes a significant decrease in bone growth and strength.

Frighteningly, often times in the case of a fall and broken hip, the bone is so weak that it actually breaks first, causing the fall. These injuries are debilitating and difficult to recover from, especially for the elderly. Calcium is a major part of the solution to bone health, but on its own, it can be ineffective, and in the wrong form, even dangerous.

Bone Strength Take Care provides safe and natural plant-based calcium along with all the vitamins (D3, K2) and minerals (magnesium, strontium) needed to use that calcium optimally and effectively.

Bone Strength’s calcium is derived from algae, an aquatic plant, rather than the limestone or chalk that make up most calcium supplements. When it comes to minerals, food sources are so much better than rocks!

University studies on the ingredients in Bone Strength show meaningful bone density support with continued use. Our customers love this product and it’s been the go-to bone supplement at Nature’s Outlet for many years!