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Researchers have determined that most overweight individuals suffer from blood sugar levels that rapidly rise and fall during the day.  When blood sugar drops, the body sends emergency hunger signals that are almost impossible to ignore. People eat more than they should as a result.  Scientists have found a natural solution to end this cycle and they call it PGX.

PGX can change your life!

Here’s How:

  • PGX supports healthy weight loss
  • PGX virtually eliminates food cravings
  • PGX supports balanced blood sugar and cholesterol levels
  • PGX is safe and completely stimulant free
  • PGX actually works  (an average of 2 pounds per week in a 6 week clinical trial)
  • Detoxifies the digestive tract and promotes regularity

PGX is a patented fiber blend that is many times more effective than regular fibers and is the healthiest way that we know of for you to lose weight…It  enables you to easily reduce daily calories, eat smaller portions, stay full longer, and helps eliminate unhealthy food cravings.

The staff at Nature’s Outlet is excited about PGX (we’re using it and like how quickly it reduces appetite.)  NEVER HAS IT BEEN SO EASY TO REDUCE DAILY CALORIES BY 500 OR MORE! Stop by and we will help you understand the health benefits of PGX better.

PGX provides something we like:  A safe and easy way to control weight…something that is clinically proven and stimulant free.

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