Hot flashes + being a surgical tech + working in summer-induced humidity in the OR = THANK GOD these pills work!!! I don’t even take the recommended 2 pills per day(1 pill each day) and have had terrific results from this product.
Diane M.

Nearly eliminated my hot flashes and night sweats all together. I’m sleeping better and feel great! Worth every penny!!
Tess G.

Without my daily dose of Phytogen, I would have 6-8 hot flashes a day. The dripping, debilitating kind. Now if I have one or two, it’s just a quick flush and they’re gone. I know they are working because when I went on vacation and forgot them, they came back.
Linda M.

Q: I’m tired of dealing with all the symptoms of menopause: hot flashes, mood swings, and little to no sleep. What’s the best safe, natural solution?


A: Menopause symptoms are difficult to address because they can vary in kind and severity. Women would often have to try several products before they found one that worked best. However, over the last couple of years a product called PM PhytoGen has become wildly popular and garnered incredible testimonials!

PM PhytoGen utilizes Thai Kudzu which contains the unique phytoestrogen Miroestrol that is remarkably similar to human estrogen. Because it is almost bio-identical to estrogen, it is 30 times more powerful than traditional products like soy and black cohosh.

Our customers tell us that PM PhytoGen gives them relief in as little as 4 days, although it’s best to give the product at least 30 days to ensure optimal results.


Summer and warmer weather is nearly upon us which can make hot flashes even worse. Try PM PhytoGen to harness your hormones and feel more comfortable!