The antioxidant glutathione has been known for its strong immune boosting properties as well as its ability to fight free radicals but let us take a dive into how glutathione can fuel athletic and muscular performance…


Glutathione has several benefits to those who are regularly active or work out regularly including:

  • faster recovery times
  • an increase in overall performance
  • maximization of workouts


Jon Dawson, contributing writer

When we exercise, we increase our bodies need for strong antioxidants such as glutathione. During physical activity, the body’s need for oxygen increases which leads to the generation of more free radicals. This increase causes our body to look for sources of antioxidants to fight those free radicals.

A typical 90-minute exercise routine can cause up to a 60% depletion of glutathione within the bloodstream. If we do not look to supplementation for more glutathione, then we can experience an increase in the severity of symptoms that relate to exercise.


These symptoms include but are not limited to:

  • muscle fatigue
  • slower recovery times
  • an increase in the body’s rate of future injuries tied to physical activity


Fortunately, through the supplementation of a potent glutathione supplement, those who are physically active can avoid these problems. Glutathione gives even more benefits to athletes such as:

  • an immediate increase in overall energy
  • reduced muscular fatigue
  • faster recovery time
  • an increase in stamina and endurance
  • improved cardiovascular functions
  • reduced inflammation
  • an increase in muscle growth

If you are looking for an edge over competition or looking for better results from physical activity, then glutathione is a crucial antioxidant to begin supplementing.


Let’s take a moment to evaluate the fact that many physically active individuals also use sports supplements to improve performance.

While many of these supplements tend to be safe, they will always have some effect on the liver. Many supplements that improve physical performance such as pre-workouts, thermogenics, or testosterone boosters can result in negative effects on the liver. For athletes and those engaging in physical activity to add an extra barrier of defense they should invest in a supplement such as glutathione to help protect themselves.

There is no denying that those consistently engaging in physical activity put an extra strain on their bodies, most specifically their liver, and even their kidneys. When we push our bodies to perform at a higher range of fitness the amount of free radicals we produce needs to combated. Even though most common sports supplements are safe, the combination of sports supplements and high amounts of physical activity can be damaging to the liver. Also, because glutathione can lead to faster recovery times, overall energy production, and an increase in muscle, it is crucial for physically active people.


That’s why athletes, weightlifters, runners, and any active person should invest in glutathione.