I recently watched a video (see bottom of page) about about a hormone in your body that many scientists refer to as the true “fountain of youth.” I’ve started to come to the realization that countless people before me have- that our body takes longer to heal from injury as we get older. I was curious about a natural way to improve healing and slow aging and what I learned in this video seems super promising. The hormone discussed has a huge impact on our quality of life including health, longevity, and physique. This hormone is called Human Growth Hormone or HGH for short and it’s responsible for your growth throughout childhood, healing broken bones and making them even stronger, and protecting your DNA which extends your lifespan.


Telomeres protect our DNA. Every year as we age, telomeres get shorter and shorter and our DNA becomes more prone to damage. It loses the ability to replicate which is ultimately the cause of “dying from old age.” Increasing HGH reduces telomere shortening, and not only adds years to your lifespan, but increases the quality of life during those years.


Here’s 7 great and easy ways you can increase HGH and start feeling better today:


  1. Get more quality sleep– Make sure you’re getting adequate uninterrupted sleep because this is when we produce most of our HGH
  2. Don’t eat breakfast– Breaking a fast stops the production of HGH from the night before. Consider intermittent fasting which involves setting a feeding window between Noon-8 PM. In fact, growth hormone is produced while we sleep because this is a natural period of fasting. Want to increase HGH by up to 2000%?! Try a 24 hour fast!
  3. Take melatonin before bed– 0.5-5 mg half an hour before bedtime can increase the quality and duration of sleep with some studies showing a 150% increase in HGH. Many people get great results with a 3 mg time-released melatonin as it more naturally replicates the slow natural release by the body throughout the night.
  4. Intense exercise– High intensity interval training (HIIT) activates fast twitch muscle fibers and increases HGH by up to 770%! Consider shorter, more intense workouts using lower weight and more reps with explosive movements to avoid injury and get more out of your routine.
  5. Take GABA– This neurotransmitter reduces stress and anxiety and improves sleep. It can help increase HGH levels by 200% after exercise and 400% at rest.
  6. Avoid sugar and starch– When insulin levels are high, secretion of growth hormone is low. The best to keep insulin levels down is to eat a low sugar and starch diet. Opt for for good fats, protein, and complex carbs and fiber instead,
  7. Keep stress levels down– Cortisol is a hormone that gets secreted when we’re under stress, and like insulin, it also inhibits HGH production. Meditation and breathing exercises can be extremely effective at reducing stress and keeping cortisol levels under control. Even 5-10 minutes of meditation with a free app such as Insight Timer can make a huge difference in improving breathing, increasing oxygen levels and reducing stress.
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