Nutritional Consultation

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The supplement industry can be difficult to navigate. There are countless products to choose from, and some products work much better than others.

Come see John Rigdon, Nature’s Outlet’s Product Educator, for a FREE 20-minute health consultation to make sure you are taking the best products for optimal effectiveness!

Be sure and bring the vitamins and supplements you are currently taking so we can advise you for your current nutritional goals.

Taking control of your health has become both easier and more difficult in the last several years…

The Pros:

  • The internet provides nearly unlimited information and resources on health and nutrition
  • There are countless health product options to choose from
  • Natural medicine and modern science are converging in new and exciting ways

The Cons:

  • With unlimited, but often conflicting information, who and what do you trust?
  • With so many health products to choose from, do you shop based on price, marketing, or something else?
  • Impressive research and clinical studies on certain nutrients has led to bandwagon products with inferior quality and potency (such as fish oil supplements with little to no Omega-3!)

The health supplement industry continues to grow in both good and bad ways. There is exciting innovation and scientific breakthroughs, but then there is also a lot of junk showing up online and on the shelves at big box stores.

There’s a lot of confusing, misleading, and downright false information on nutrition floating around.

Even worse, many health products are cheaply made and don’t work (we always say the most expensive supplement is the one that doesn’t work.)

When you shop online or at a store that doesn’t have experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated employees, you might end up getting ripped off, misled, or buy a product that does nothing.

What’s scary is some products might even have unwanted pesticide residues, heavy metals, and other toxic junk.

So how do you navigate all of the conflicting and confounding products and information?

You can sign up for a free health product consultation with our Director of Education, John Rigdon.

John will spend 20 minutes with you, one-on-one, going over your supplement regimen to help you:

  • eliminate unnecessary or redundant products
  • make sure you’re taking quality supplements that utilize the right forms of vitamins and minerals and clinically studied ingredients at their clinically studied doses
  • discover small changes to your diet and lifestyle that can make a profound difference on your health


This type of service can cost $75 or more, but we’re offering it to you for free!

Plus we’re throwing in a 25% Off coupon on your first purchase after consulting with John!

It’s our way of thanking you for putting your trust in us.

We look forward to meeting with you and are excited to work with you to help you reach your health goals!

FREE Health Product Consultation
with John Rigdon, Director of Education at Nature’s Outlet
Plus 25% Off Your FIrst Purchase