CBD: The Most Exciting Natural Product

We’ve Discovered in at Least 10 Years!

CBD is big right now, there’s no doubt about it. We get calls and emails from companies everyday trying to get us to carry their CBD/hemp product. But not all CBD products are created equal. To make matters worse, a pesticide that is safe for hemp being turned into fiber or textiles may not be safe for use on a plant grown for CBD, since those products are often concentrated and consumed or inhaled by consumers. This makes organic or European grown hemp important not only for quality but also safety!

For us, it’s all about 3rd party testing, transparency, and a clean, high quality product. That’s why we went with Green Gorilla which is Organic, Non-GMO, 3rd Party Tested, and Made in the USA.

Green Gorilla uses an advanced super critical extraction method to guarantee potency (without solvents) and create a CBD oil that is THC free. The results haven’t disappointed either as those who have tried the product have given us enthusiastic feedback and incredible testimonials about the benefits they’ve received.

“I’m a former Marine and law enforcement officer and my body is riddled with pain. I struggle with pain management and overwhelming stress. Nature’s Outlet recommended Green Gorilla and the results have been amazing.” Jeff M.

“Green Gorilla CBD has helped me with my anxiety, helped me feel more focused and calm, and helped me with my job. It’s helped me approach work and social situations with more confidence.” Clara S.

Garden of Life National Educator, Bruce Topping, visited recently to teach us all about CBD. Check out our awesome interview with him below!