Amplified Probiotics



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The Story Behind Amplified Probiotics

In the Fall of 2016, Charlie and Rob Rea, the owners of Nature’s Outlet, had a chance encounter with some of the top probiotic experts in the industry.

During that discussion, they learned some amazing things about probiotics that led to the development of a breakthrough product called Amplified Probiotics. 

Here is what they discovered:

There is a novel prebiotic called PreforPro™,that can help Probiotics populate the gut without unpleasant side effects such as gas,works FAST and acts to help eliminate bad bacteria, too.


  • The potency and durability of bacterial strains benefit consumers more than the number of CFU’s touted on product labels.


  • Lactobacillus and Bifido strains, which comprise most probiotic products, are basically dead if they are not shipped cold and carefully refrigerated.


  • Bacillus strains, which are super hardy spores, represent a reliable and effective way to promote healthy digestion.


  • It is possible to put clinically studied strains of probiotics in products at their clinically effective doses.


Nature’s Outlet approached the experts, the scientists and technicians that make the products, and asked them what the most therapeutic probiotic supplement would look like.

To our surprise, no one had ever asked them that question!

Amplified Probiotics was born out of this revelation and the opportunity to create a formula with all the attributes the experts recommended has now been realized.

 Amplified Probiotics, a premium Probiotic/Prebiotic formula that fills a void in the marketplace to improve digestive health. 

Now available at ALL of our locations in the refrigerated section!



“I grew up in the Natural Foods Industry and have worked for some of the leading supplement manufacturers and I’ve always had access to the best probiotics, but I’ve never used anything that has given me the results that Amplified Probiotics has. From bowel regulation and GI health to immune enhancement, this is a phenomenal product. In a world full of probiotic product claims, this is the one that really delivers.”

Brian W.