Which Fish Oil to Use and Why

Which Fish Oil to Use and Why

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How Do I know Which Fish Oil to Buy?

What to look for:

  • Third Party tested for purity and potency: A lot of companies make claims about their products. Having someone else say it lends credibility to those assertions.
  • Sustainable and Ecofriendly: The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is the gold standard and global leader for certifying sustainable fishing practices.
  • Therapeutic dose: Enough Omega 3’s to make a difference. Look at the amount of EPA and DHA, not the amount of Fish Oil.

Wiley’s Finest Wild Alaskan Fish Oil is the best choice, as it follows all of these guidelines. You can’t find a better Omega 3 supplement than this.
See below for a breakdown of all of their different Omega 3 products to help pick the best one for you.

And don’t forget, these are all 20% off in-store through the month of September! You can’t find a better time to add such a high quality, sustainable fish oil into your vitamin routine.

wileys finest fish oil

Orange Burst

  • Natural Orange flavored liquid fish oil for those who don’t want to swallow pills
  • 660 mg Omega 3’s- 440 mg EPA 220 mg DHA
  • Best source of the fatty acid Omega 7 — 220 mg in 1 teaspoon which soothes dry eyes and skin and improves digestion
  • Naturally occurring Astaxanthin, a potent antioxidant beneficial for vision

Peak Omega-3 Liquid

  • Natural Lemon flavored liquid fish oil
  • 90% triglyceride form for enhanced absorption (similar absorption to Krill oil)
  • Super concentrated Omega 3’s- 1300 mg EPA and 850 mg DHA in 1 teaspoon

Peak EPA

  • High EPA for great anti-inflammatory support
  • One a day softgel providing a potent 1000 mg dose of Omega 3’s
    750 mg EPA / 250 mg DHA

Cholesterol Support

  • High EPA to help prevent and eliminate cardiovascular and circulatory inflammation
  • Beta Sitosterol to bind to cholesterol and prevent absorption into the bloodstream

Easy Swallow Minis

  • For those on a budget or who can’t swallow larger pills
  • Two-a-day providing an excellent 630 mg dose of Omega 3’s

Prenatal DHA

  • Supports fetal and infant brain, eye, and nerve development
  • 600 mg DHA supplementation increases DHA levels of breast milk in nursing mothers

Beginner’s DHA for Kids

  • Tasty natural strawberry and watermelon flavored liquid fish oil with syringe application to make it fun and easy for children to take
  • 650 mg Omega 3’s including 250 mg DHA for brain and eye development
  • MenaQ7 Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D3 support bone development in growing kids

Elementary EPA for Kids

  • Tasty natural mango and peach flavored liquid fish oil
  • 1500 mg of Omega 3’s including 1000 mg EPA and 500 mg DHA increase focus and support natural bodily defenses
  • Patented FloraGLO Lutein and Zeaxanthin provide strong antioxidant support for the eyes