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How May We Help You?

We offer many different ways for you to get more information about natural health solutions. We are big believers in education so you can make an informed decision about how to support your own health goals, and we prefer to do that in person!

Nutritional Consultation

John Rigdon is Nature’s Outlet’s Nutritional Consultant! Need some help figuring out what supplements you should consider taking?

Free Seminars and Events

We offer free seminars with nationally recognized nutritional experts that are here to answer your questions and give you the most up-to-date information available on natural health topics.

Demos and Free Samples

You can’t try before you buy if you purchase online… come into one of our stores and see how tasty healthy is!

Featured Products

We care about what we put on our shelves and these products are proven winners!

Acid Reflux: Lowering Stomach Acid is NOT the Solution

How to level out stomach acid production using the HCL Protocol.

Amplified Probiotics Available Exclusively at Nature's Outlet

We approached the experts and formulated this powerful 2-in-1 probiotic/prebiotic that gets you relief from digestive troubles FAST!

“I grew up in the Natural Foods Industry and have worked for some of the leading supplement manufacturers and I’ve always had access to the best probiotics, but I’ve never used anything that has given me the results that Amplified Probiotics has. From bowel regulation and GI health to immune enhancement, this is a phenomenal product. In a world full of probiotic product claims, this is the one that really delivers.” Brian W.

High Quality Fresh Fish Oil Means No Fishy Burps

We love Wiley’s Finest Fish Oil because it’s 3rd party tested, made right here in the USA and the oil is from sustainably caught wild Alaskan pollack!

Check Out These Videos and Learn About Inflammation- the Root Cause of Many Health Problems- and What Supplements Can Help Regulate It


Cardiovascular inflammation and what to do about it!


Using Turmeric as an Anti-inflammatory

Turmeric is a spice, and curcumin is the “medicine” in turmeric responsible for the anti-inflammatory benefits. Know the difference and what to take for certain health reasons!

We have a large selection of essential oils and diffusers, along with glass mixing bottles and other ‘essentials’ for aromatherapy!

Why we only carry ultra-sonic diffusers...

Every store has a wide selection of high-quality Essential Oils!

We Can Ship Your Supplements To You If You Can’t Come Into Our Store!

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