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We’re a family-owned 5 store chain in central and southwest Virginia that’s been in business since 1976. Our purpose as a company is to find the most effective natural products out of countless options, and then put the right effective products in our customers’ hands. We’re grateful for the opportunity to listen and learn about our customers’ health issues, and partner with them to find a safe, natural solution.

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Nutritional Consultation

John Rigdon is Nature’s Outlet’s Nutritional Consultant! Need some help figuring out what supplements you should consider taking?

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You’ve heard about it everywhere. What’s it all about and which of the countless brands do you choose for safety and effectiveness? We’ve done the work for you!

The Story of Amplified

We went to the experts, the doctors and scientists who formulate the best probiotics in the industry, and asked them what the ultimate probiotic supplement would look like. Find out how cutting edge nutritional science created a product that is solving many people’s digestive issues fast!

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