If you’re like tens of thousands of other health-conscious Americans, you’ve heard the buzz around aromatherapy and essential oils. The basic premise is to use pure oil extracts of various botanicals for their therapeutic benefits. And one of the most popular ways to do that is to spread essential oils into the air using a diffuser.

Until recently, the only ways to do this involved burners, clunky contraptions, and other troublesome devices. Since many of these methods involve heat, they are highly inefficient (causing you to go through sometimes pricey oils incredibly quickly) and can’t be left unattended (because of fire risk). For the most part, these devices were less-than-ideal.

But now there’s a new solution for essential oil lovers – a solution that conserves oils, totally eliminates fire risk, and ultimately makes your oils more effective!

The solution is the ultrasonic diffuser.diffusers

These newly developed diffusers use tiny vibrations to create a fine water mist that carries the essence of your oil blends into the air safely and potently. They use zero heat, and they even act to humidify dry air during the winter months.

• Nearly Silent
• Easy to Clean
• BPA-Free
• Auto Shut-Off
• Just Add Tap Water and Oils

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